The Ultimate Guides to Safely Transact and Store Your Coins
Easy to Follow Step by Step Examples with Printscreens
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Questions to you!
  • Are your coins hack proof (offline) or are they on an Exchange?
  • How Safe is Your Computer? When did you last check for Viruses, Trojans or Key Loggers?
  • Do you have 2FA enabled on every account, including e-mail?
  • Do you have a seperate e-mail account only for Crypto?
  • Do you use a VPN?
  • Have you safely stored your PRIVATE KEYS offline?
  • Do you know what a PRIVATE KEY is?
  • Do you know how to send and receive coins?
  • Can you follow your coin transactions on the different Blockchains?
  • Do you know how to use the different types of wallets available?
  • Do you know how ERC-20 Tokens work on the Ethereum Network?
  • Did you fully document all your Crypto transactions for taxes?
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Don't get Hacked!







Do you know how easy it is to lose your coins?
Coins on an Exchange don't belong to you.
They belong to the Exchange.
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Be in Full Control

Secure those PRIVATE KEYS!
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With the Tutorials YOU are in full control!
  • How to install and run free Antivirus and Firewall programs
  • How to setup 2 Factor Authentication and what to do if the 2FA device is no longer accessible
  • How to securely setup a safe e-mail account for Crypto only
  • Setting up a paid VPN
  • How to safely take your coins offline to hack proof addresses
  • Covered Wallets: Core Wallets, 3rd Party Wallets, Smartphone Wallets
  • Setup, Backup and Recovery of each Wallet
  • Export PRIVATE KEYS from ALL the Wallets covered in the tutorials
  • How to perform Wallet transactions and follow them on the Blockchain
  • Send / Receive and track Ether / ERC-20 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • How to ensure all your transaction history is up to date for taxes
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