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28 Tutorials.


  • Security & Privacy Bundle (3)

  • Bitcoin Core Wallet Bundle (4)

  • Altcoin Core Wallet Bundle (3)

  • Ethereum Wallets Bundle (9)

  • Smartphone Wallets Bundle (3)

  • Electrum Wallet Bundle (4)

  • BIP39 Tool (1)

  • Crypto Exchanges (Free through SIGN-UP) (1)


At the moment only in English




Each Tutorial has been built to keep the text to a minimum, since each step is accompanied with Printscreens, it should be possible to just follow the Printscreens.




Currently we only sell the Tutorial in English.


Each Tutorial is built as a 2-Dimensional Blockchain. So Step 1 (called Block 1) links to Step 2 (called Block 2) which links to Step 3 (called Block 3), etc…


Almost all Blocks are accompanied with a Printscreen of the steps covered in that Block.

The Printscreens SHOW YOU how to do it yourself, learn by DOING!

See the Video Preview.


Each step is placed in a Block (2-Dimensional Blockchain), some steps will refer to Websites, to for example download wallets or check the blockchain of a coin. Other steps might refer back to previous steps, this will be shown as referring back to another Block e.g. Block 50 might refer to Block 34. These are referred to as the clickable links, by clicking on them you will automatically be sent to the website or the previous step (block). 




Yes, each Tutorial has been built the same way and follows the same steps.


For Each Wallet the following steps are shown.

  • Setup, Backup & Recovery of the Wallet

  • Generating Addresses & Exporting Private Keys

  • Creating Paper Wallets

  • Performing Transactions (Receiving & Sending)

  • Following the Transactions on the Blockchain

  • Some wallets have extra steps on how to handle “stuck” transactions or transaction issues



Each Example has been performed “live” (an actual example) and is fully documented with Printscreens.

For example: in each Tutorial Bundle there is a part which shows how to perform transactions (receiving and sending). So, for the receiving transactions part of that Tutorial, the exact steps are shown on how to do this. First, it is shown how to Generate an address in that wallet, then, a “live” transaction is received on that address. The steps on how to do this are fully documented with Printscreens. The same was done for sending a transaction from that wallet, a “live” transaction was sent. This was done for every single wallet and every single step covered in all the Tutorials.



Security & Privacy is the most important thing to have in order before starting with Crypto. This bundle focuses on making sure the computer and all the accounts (e-mail & exchange accounts) you are using are safe and secure. It focuses on setting up a free Antivirus and Firewall (windows), how to setup 2 Factor Authentication and secure your accounts with 2FA, how to setup a secure e-mail address for Crypto only and the setup and payment (with Bitcoin) of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


The FREE Tutorial focuses on Crypto Exchanges. It covers:


  • Deposits & Withdrawals on a Crypto Exchange

  • Placing Orders (Limit & Market Orders)

  • Generating / Downloading Transaction History Reports for Taxes



This is a saying in Crypto, which refers to the Private Keys. If you don’t have the Private Keys of the addresses on which you store your Crypto, then you don’t own your Crypto. Since Crypto on an Exchange are stored on the Addresses of the Exchange, it means YOU DON’T have the Private Keys and since you DON’T have the Private Keys, You DON’T own those Crypto. The Exchange Owns them! If They get hacked or disappear tomorrow You LOSE your Coins! Each Tutorial Bundle shows how to safely Export the Private Keys for each Address and how to create Paper Wallets. Link.



Yes! Each Tutorial Bundle for each Wallet covers all the Steps on how to safely store your coins offline on Hack Proof Addresses (paper wallets).


You can certainly find similar information on the internet. But by buying the Tutorials you won’t need to go through scattered information all over the internet to try and figure out the best way to take your Coins Offline. The tutorials are simple and easy to follow, so you don’t need anything else or to spend extra time looking for further info. The tutorials were created with the intention to help out people with little to no Crypto and Computer knowledge to safely take their coins offline. Each step and example covered have been performed “live” (an actual example) and are fully documented with Printscreens, so by following the steps by step examples you will know 100% sure your coins will be safely stored offline. The Printscreens SHOW YOU how to do it yourself, learn by DOING!



You will need to download the wallets which are used in the Tutorials, these are all Free. Each Tutorial contains the instructions and clickable links (in the examples) to the websites which will direct you to where the wallet can be downloaded.


For the Smartphone Wallets Tutorials you will need a Smartphone to download the wallets on. These wallets are all Free.


For the Security & Privacy Tutorial Bundle the Antivirus and Firewall Programs (windows) and e-mail are free. The VPN which is covered is a paid VPN. The safest and most secure VPN is ALWAYS a paid VPN. It is however not a requirement to use a VPN and one can also perform all the steps covered in the Tutorials without a VPN. It is however recommended to use a paid VPN!



Yes, you can pay with Cryptocurrency. Please contact us through the Contact Form or via email to for more information.




The Tutorials are in .pdf format. A download link will become available after successfully completing the payment. Youwill receive a .zip file containing the .pdf files.


Yes, feel free to contact us any time. If you have questions after the purchase of the Tutorials, please also don’t hesitate to contact us. Please use the Contact Form or send an e-mail to

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